Easy Homemade Almond Milk

Easy to make homemade almond milk: sweetened and unsweetened.


1 cup of raw almonds

2 cups of water

3-4 pitted Dates (for sweetened)

1/4 tsp vanilla (for sweetened)


Soak the almonds overnight in a bowl, uncovered.

Using a colander, drain the the almonds and rinse them well.

Add almonds to the blender with 2 cups of filtered water and blend until milky and frothy.

(For sweetened: add the vanilla and dates and continue to blend)

With a nut bag or fine mesh strainer, pour the blended almond milk into the strainer and pour into a glass jar or container. Almond milk keeps about 3 days in the fridge. Shake it before using as it tends to separate.

You can discard the remaining pulp or keep it to make Almond Flour:

Spread pulp on a baking sheet and place it in the oven at 200F for 2-3 hours until it’s dry.


Almond Milk: 1 cup (8 0z) 1 WW Smart Point

Almond Flour: 1/4 cup 4 WW Smart Points

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